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Our third Bounty Hunter treasure detector on our list possesses a wide range of helpful and vital features that make it stand out as an excellent example of everything to love about metal detectors. To make treasure hunting much more than just scanning across the sand, the detector comes with a useful LED screen which gives you all the information you could need, and points you in the right direction. The Garrett Pro-Pointer is a sweet pinpointing metal detector that doesn’t take up too much room and can help you find the longest forgotten trinkets hiding in both soil and surf all over the world. If there was a metal detector grand championship, you’d expect this one to reach the final ninety-nine times out of one hundred, it’s just that good.

If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in some of our other beach gear reviews. The P/P function helps you pick up your target accurately and the headphone jack means you can plug in a pair of headphones and cut out any background noise.

The PyleSport has ten different levels of discrimination and sensitivity controls. The detector alerts you with a ping and requires you to slowly move back over the area until you locate the exact target. Once you’re detecting there are green LEDs that indicate precious metals like silver and gold, and Red LEDs that indicate iron targets and coins.

The gain basically increases the strength of the signals, from the metal objects. The gain can be adjusted according to detection preferences and soil conditions. It is sturdy, well-built design and has a noise cancellation program, which automatically chooses the most stable, quietest operating frequency.

There’s also a digital display with LCD backlight, 15 ” x 12 ” elliptical search coil and various accessories. If your budget can’t stretch to the GPZ 7000, the GPX 5000 is a less expensive alternative that’s almost certainly the „second best” gold detector on the market.

There is nothing more exciting than pulling out gold, coins or other treasure buried underwater – believe me. This, machine is known to be the entry level detector in the Minelab X-terra Series. It’s easy to set up, simple to operate and can easily be swung around for long periods of time, weighing just 3.7 pounds. Word of advice: We tested with both the 5.75 and 8″ and found the 8″ coil to provide better depth, improved area coverage & vision pinpointing.

All signs and pictograms are clearly seen, therefore you don’t waste your time while searching to get what is displayed or indicated. Low energy consumption has become possible due to using of more energy efficient microchips in the device scheme. Engineers in Fisher research labs have made the device control unit waterproof. It is an interesting option for beginners, though provided with a bit larger budget you can get much better metal detectors.

Modern metal detector search coils differ in their size and design. For the majority of treasure hunters the main determinative factor when buying a metal detector is its price. Although, don’t take it too literally, summarizing that low frequency metal detector won’t „see” any small targets at all. For instance, you have found a location promising lots of finds and your metal detector design allows changing its coil. Low frequency of 3 kHz makes detecting of small objects less sufficient, although the electromagnetic signal penetrates deeper into the ground and the searching depth becomes larger correspondingly.

The Fisher F22 device includes an LCD-screen that gives you information about your device’s current settings as well as some information about your current environment. This is a comprehensive yet user-friendly device that can accommodate most terrains with ease. The Fisher F22 is a lightweight and reliable device that will surely thrill beginners and experts alike. This allows you to create a more rewarding detection experiencing by filtering out any possible rubbish objects.

All best metal detectors can be nominally divided into three classes: for beginners, semi-pro devices and those designed for professionals. It is rather difficult to choose a device withing this price bracket. The only thing that this device needs is some advertisement company to make it more popular. It is difficult to choose the best device among the number of high quality ones.

It can be used just about anywhere and can find everything from precious metals such as gold coins to other metal objects such as iron relics. The Garrett ACE 200 offers great performance at a reasonable cost and is a great choice for starting off your treasure hunting adventures. Buy both a high-frequency VLF detector and a pulse induction model.

Whats your thoughts please, the plan is to use mainly on mountains and river banks, but also in the water and beaches. So I need a detector that has a good/reliable range that will detected platinum. Don’t get me wrong, the detector It’s not that bad for someone new, but I think it’s quite limited in what it can do and that’s why It could ruin the whole experience for you. My pick between them will be the Ace 250 because it really withstood the test of time and it has so many good reviews all over the web while the Viking VK40 has almost none. I’m new to detecting and want to get the best I can with the money I have to spend.

by Cezary Gallus